Saturday, October 24

The Best Carpenter Ant Bait

Carpenter ants can be very destructive to your home and garden. But they can be eliminated quickly if you make this effective carpenter ant bait.

Here is the cardinal rule for eliminating all types of ants. Ant baits are not effective if the ants are not attracted to them. Most commercial baits are ignored by ants. Carpenter ants consume both sugar and protein. However, in the Spring they are particularly drawn to protein sources. This is the weakness that we will use to eliminate them.

Tuna packed in water is very effective for attracting carpenter ants. Tuna packed in oil WILL NOT WORK. Begin by making this recipe for this natural ant killer. It contains both sugar and protein. Then add a tablespoon of finely chopped tuna to each ant bait. Mix it in well and then place the bait wherever you find carpenter ants around your home and garden. Check the baits weekly as the ants may devour them quickly.

Within a few days, you should have fewer ants causing problems for you.